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Living Life in Pain: An inspiring CRPS story

Flip flop flip flop, you can hear me coming down the hall to the doctor’s office. It doesn’t matter if it’s 98 degrees in mid August or 20 degrees in February. Four years ago it would’ve been the click clack of high heel on my way to work, or out for an evening of socializing or...

Why Choose Us?

At Virginia Interventional Pain & Spine Center, our mission is simply to bring you back to life as soon as possible. Patients come first at VIPSC. Here are four reasons why you should choose us: 1. Urgent care motto. We realize that no one wants to go through a day with pain...

5 Myths About Chronic Pain

1. Pain management is meant only as a last resort for treating chronic problems when everything else fails. This is the number one myth of pain management. As with all medicine, prevention is the key. However, when pain does occur, the best chance of alleviating pain permanently...

Why interventional care for your pain?

By decreasing your wait times to be seen by our interventional pain management specialists, you will promptly receive the most appropriate treatment tailored specifically to your pain management needs. Here are some benefits of interventional care: 1. Avoid and/or limit...